Monday, January 16, 2012

my best friend's wife

i'm getting married.

wait, really? when did that happen? wasn't it just yesterday that i turned a corner in B&N and ran into him by accident? we constantly (and i mean, constantly) kept bumping into each other after that; a couple more times at the bookstore, and multiple times at jazzman's. we had a movie night at my apartment one night with friends, and i remember going to bed that night thanking God that B and I could be friends again; just like the old times; just like we did before he had a girlfriend.

i missed him.

one night he invited me over for dinner. i expected it to be a social gathering, but when i walked in, there was homemade pasta on the stove and a table set for two. when his roommate came home, we all stood in the kitchen and talked for the longest time. i even told them about a guy i had gone out on a date with; a guy that i was interested in. B and i were best friends... i could tell him those types of things, right? simultaneously, they shot looks at one another. B hesitated in a response, looking nervous and so let down. "what the heck is going on?" i thought. "why are they being so weird about this?"

 i drove home that night putting pieces of the night together. it wasn't normal. he wasn't being normal. i started practicing how i'd let him down, just in case it had been a date; just in case he was interested. we'd been here before; on the brink of being friends and being something more-- and honestly, i just didn't want to go there again.

about a month later, after another dinner at his house, he randomly grabbed my hand out of nowhere and wouldn't let go. i tried desperately to remember my "let's-stay-friends" speech, but i just couldn't. "this is your best friend," I thought.. "and he's holding your hand right now. weird-- but it's right."

And now, almost a year later-- that hand is promised to him.

this summer, my whole life will change.
 i'll be my best friend's wife.

when did that happen?