Sunday, October 3, 2010

Teresa Ann Design

My mom is one of the most talented and crafty people I know. She always made me the most adorable clothes growing up (dresses with puff sleeves, please and thank you) and when puff sleeves weren't cool anymore, she'd recreate my favorite red carpet dresses for me to wear to homecoming and prom. My bed adorns a handmade quilt she made me years ago out of all the scraps of fabric left over from those childhood dresses (again: handquilted). She knits and crochets the most adorable baby clothes, blankets, and accessories, and lately she's been creating these gorgeous aprons.


I can't let my mother's talents be confined within the four walls of her house anymore, and with Christmas coming up, it's the perfect time to start taking her talents to the cyber world (trust me, handmade goods are always a hit). I'm still not entirely sure how to do that exactly, but I figured I'd start here.
Introducing Teresa Cline's amazingness...




  1. awesome stuff!
    your mom has got some game!

  2. Yeah, she does!

    Erica would look so darling in one of those aprons... ;)