Wednesday, May 2, 2012


it's one thing talking about getting married, but it's another thing knowing that in 87 days you'll actually be married.

this evening i sat at B's desk sniffing his freshly bought toiletries: men's body wash, men's clarifying shampoo, and men's old spice deodorant. and then it dawned on me that i'm actually marrying a man. a full blown man. a man that trims his beard, doesn't wash his hands, and cooks his bacon in butter.

he is a total man.

and we'll have to share a bathroom. and a closet. and chores. and a bed. and, you know--  everything. we'll have to be patient with one another. and unselfish. understanding. loving. forgiving. and while all of that completely excites me -- it does somehow unnerve me a little. we're both entirely human, entirely sinful, and entirely different.

we can't just leave the house and return to our own apartments when we get irritated with one another.
we can't hog all the covers.
we can't make a cup of coffee without making the other person a cup of coffee.
we can't really do anything the same way we've been doing them.

we'll need to grow up.
we'll need to adjust.
we'll need to depend on Jesus.
and we'll need to laugh a lot.


and that's the best part about all of this, y'all--
it's that we'll be in this marriage thing together. for-freaking-ever.


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  1. :) God must be the center--- look to Him, not each other!