Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the End

At 4:20 I was putting the final touches on a research paper that was due at 5. At 4:25 I grabbed my coat and walked ran out the door of my apartment. At 4:30 I went to the office at my apartment complex to print it off, but the printer was broken. At 4:50 I was at Towns attempting to print it off there, but the printer was faculty only. At 4:53 I was running across the street to DeMoss to print it off at the library, but every computer was occupied. At 4:54 I was groveling. At 4:55 someone finally let me use their computer. At 4:56 I was stapling my paper together. At 4:57 I was running back across the street to Towns and pulled a muscle going up the stairs while humming the theme song to Rocky in my head (not kidding). At 4:58 I turned in my paper. Dr. Croteau lauged at me until 5. He was still laughing as I limped down the hall.

I am so glad this semester is over.


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