Saturday, July 9, 2011

a happy fourth

Confession: I missed the fourth of July due to Tee-Pee duty. And no, blogsters -- I'm not referring to toilet paper, just to the ice-cream shop I work at every evening. I get to wear a cool hat and put up with grumpy old men. It's fun.

Well, despite my devastating hang-up at the prime hang-out spot in Speculator (lovingly referred to as "Speck"), I did get to celebrate another fourth that I happen to be very fond of. And it conveniently happened to occur today on my day off.

But listen y'all: you can't "awww" or gag or roll your eyes, okay? Because all I'm doing is stating a fact. Just a plain, simple, fact...

....that today is four months of being B's girlfriend.

I'm sorry!--but I really couldn't keep it inside. I'm elated. And not just because I'm dating my best friend and it's the longest/best relationship I've ever had, but because in honor of our four "month-a-versary," he drove me all the way to Saratoga to the nearest B&N (which is a grueling hour and a half away), took my hand, and led me straight to the Moleskine display where the two most beautiful words I have ever heard him say flew through the air: "Pick one."

Pick one?! Oh, happy day.

B, you're my hero.
Let's have a month-a-versary every month, k?
I'll put it in my Moleskine.


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