Monday, July 4, 2011


I haven't done anything these past couple days as far as school is concerned. Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed that I find myself paralyzed to even start anything, let alone finish anything. This predicament is nothing new (thus why I am going into my sixth year of college...), yet I think I might be showing some progress towards diligence. It's just an extremely slow process....

...just as finishing all of this is going to be:

-a  ten page research paper on Paul's argument for justification through faith
- a four page paper on the "I Am"s
- some worldview paper I haven't even looked at yet
- two tests
- two quizzes
- a discussion board post
- and four discussion board replies

college. is. fun.
(sense the sarcasm?)

Among other things, my ankles and legs are covered in bug bites--because like an idiot, when I really needed to let it all out, I refused to go to my room and cry infront of my roommates. Instead, I decided to plant myself in some bushes by a horseshoe pit filled with sand at 11pm at night whilst wearing shorts and sandals. Hence the bug bites. Hence my idiocy.

And another thing I found out:
my medicine is the wrong medicine and it's making me crazy. Literally. Crazy.

Which would explain my bad attitude, bad attitude, bad attitude, obsessive crying, reclusiveness, and depressed state of being. It's the PMS that never ends. And y'all-- it's terrible.

But don't fret blogsters, I'll be back to normal here soon.

To all you crazies out there:
-don't make any rash, life altering decisions
- don't cry in the bushes
-check to make sure it's not your drugs making you cray-cray.

Rx drugs, of course.


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