Monday, April 23, 2012

satan pills

i feel like it's been a long time. has it been a long time? a month maybe?

i'm well into my new job, and it's great. i've had a few major realizations amidst the newness of the season-- the biggest and most life-altering one is that i discovered that i am indeed, an introvert. the even bigger discovery is that i am an introvert... and it's okay. 

all this time i've just thought i was crazy and un-Christian. but, nope. just introverted.

birth control pills on the other hand, now those make me crazy. enough crazy to make me contemplate running my car off the side of the road. i just don't know what it is about them, but they just make me feel completely strange and suicidal. pretty sure if i stay on them, i might not make it to my wedding -- and if i do make it to my wedding, i'll never make it to the bed. B would probably annul our marriage before we ever got the opportunity to consummate it. and thus why it's called birth control.

oh, the things a soon-to-be wife must do to keep the little kiddos at bay-- but, seriously-- there has GOT to be another way. these satan pills have got to go.


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