Tuesday, March 20, 2012

good things

last month and the month before it, i cried every night of my life. maybe it had to do with working 64 hour weeks and not having any time to sleep, eat, shower, study, plan a wedding, or see my man. it's a theory at least.
but, OH! how the times have changed.

y'all, I GOT A JOB. and it's an absolutely wonderful job at Liberty University! i can actually work part-time and make just as much money as i was making full-time at my last job and i'll be closer to B and closer to our friends. fa-reaking praises!

 this little gap between employment has honestly been the most wonderful time of my life. He has not let me lack in anything-- not even monetarily. in fact, He's provided even more generously since i ventured into the realms of unemployment-- with both income and character. we are so blessed to have a Father who looks after His children in times of plenty and need. why, oh, why do we ever worry?


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