Saturday, May 22, 2010

My First Semester

I'm not one of those "have to get all A's" kind of gal. Considering where I came from and the attitude I had pre-Liberty University, I'd say that this is QUITE the accomplishment (those who know me well, know exactly what I'm talking about). The cool thing? I got A's in all of the classes that really matter (ahem, music theory...)!

God is brilliant. He called me to take on a major that I would both passionately love and hate at the same time because He knew it would spur me on and challenge me in great ways. Ultimately, He gets the glory for it. There's no way I could have made it through that class - heck, through the semester - without Him.

And without further ado, my grades for my first semester as a real, residential college student:

ENGL 102 052 Composition and Literature Resident C

GNED 101 002 Contemporary Issues I Resident C

WRSP 101 001 Introduction to Worship Studies Resident A

WRSP 103 001 Harmonic Practices & Theory I Resident A

WRSP 125 014 Voice (Freshman) Resident B

WRSP 289 001 Celebration Worship Choir Resident B


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