Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Something in the Water.

Good thing: I checked my Liberty e-mail this morning and found out that I got offered that temporary job at the bookstore for the month of August and for the first week of September.

Bad thing: The e-mail was sent on the 26th of July and it is now August 4th. Orientation was the 31st. Fail.

Good thing: Brooke Fraser's new single "Something in the Water."

Bad thing: I now have to demonstrate an insane amount of patience waiting for her album to drop on October 12th. Even worse, I just realized that I probably won't even be able to afford it since I didn't check my e-mail. Check your e-mail, people.

Good thing: Martha's cooking.

Bad thing: She doesn't live with me.

Good thing: Conway Family Reunion this weekend in Clearfield, PA.

Bad thing: I'll keep it to myself, although it may have something to do with not seeing my boyfriend for five days. Lamesauce. Go ahead, make jokes.


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