Thursday, September 22, 2011


one of my favorite things to do is tell people about how B and I met. of course, only when they ask-- and some of you have asked, so here it is :)

Our story began in the midst of 23,000 people at Passion Conference Atlanta on January 4th, 2010.

Before the evening main session, I decided to sit down in line and work on a bible study. I was exhausted and excited and irritated all at once. Irritated, because even though I really love music, I don't really care for having a certain song stuck in my head all day long-- especially a song that I only knew six whole lines of. When I sat down in line to do my study, I had for one restful moment, forgotten about this particular song. And then (ohhhh, and then) the guy sitting next to me in line starts humming the same song.

His hair was spikey, and his jeans were skinny. He sat there on his knees, drumming on his lap, and when I should have found the predicament annoying, i found it incredibly copacetic.

"I've had that song stuck in my head all day!"

"Haha. Yeeeah, it's a good one!"

He laughed what I now know to be his "nervous laugh" and smiled. He was only 'kinda' cute to me at the time.

We introduced ourselves. Found out that we were both attending Liberty University and that we were both majoring in worship leadership. Then, all of the little pieces started to come together. Earlier that morning, my friend Annie told me about a guy she met at the main session named Brandon Sharp who was a worship leader at Liberty. Even though she told him about me, I was obscenely jealous because she wasn't about to transfer into Liberty, I was. And I didn't know a soul there.

"Wait, are you Brandon..." (I tried to remember his last name) "...Sharp?"

He laughed another nervous laugh and followed it with a quick, deep breath in, as if he were about to deliver bad news.


For a moment he seemed disappointed, and at the time I didn't understand why. His whole demeanor shifted in an instant.

"So you're the same Brandon Sharp that met my friend Annie this morning?"

His eyes opened up wide, his back straightened up, and he leaned into me curiously. "You're THAT Chelsea?"

A week later when I started classes at Liberty, I realized why he was disappointed when I seemed to know who he was. People had been coming up to him all four days of Passion, wanting to meet the new kid on Campus Praise Band. I knew he was a worship leader there, but I had no idea what the Campus Praise Band was, nor that they led worship for the entire student body 5x a week.

It was weird seeing my friend up there on those big screens at first (heck, it's still a little weird). It took some time getting use to the stares as we walked about campus together. To me, he was just Brandon. He jumps off walls and drinks way too much caffeine. He has an alter ego that comes out past midnight, and his jokes are indescribably corny. He was my best friend.

and now, a year later, he's my boyfriend.
and i'm glad.


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