Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heading Towards Home

I decided at about five o'clock that I was going to drive home today to spend some time with my family. I made it to Afton on a quarter tank of gas and just in time for the sunset. So on the spur of the moment, I pulled over and got onto BlueRidge Parkway, drove up a little ways to this overlook, and just marveled at the glory of God. Now, don't get me wrong - the iPhone can do a whole lot, but I'm afraid it doesn't even come close to capturing how amazingly breathtaking this actually was. The attempt was made anyways.

I actually live here???

After my little detour and an hour long phone conversation with Byrd, I get home, open the fridge to get something to drink and spot these pretty babies...

Only in New Market can you find the progeny of your pet turkey in the fridge...

...and I must admit, it's pretty amazing.

God is so good,

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