Friday, April 9, 2010


"And I know there will be days when this life brings me pain, but if that's what it takes to praise You - Jesus bring the rain."

In some small corner of my heart I always wonder if Jesus was warning me about the road that lay ahead.

"There will be so many people in this world who will love you and then they'll leave you. But I promise you; I love you and I will never leave you."

I thought He was just saying that to comfort me for my past heartaches, but now I'm beginning to wonder if He was telling me that so I would know to take refuge in His love and in His promise when that heartache would decide to strike again, and harder than I could have ever imagined.

It's been pouring most of the day and for some reason I've gotten these sudden urges to go on a walk. I'm not even going to pretend, but part of me does kind of wish I had someone to go on a walk with. Please, don't get me wrong - I'm more than content with being "single" but I also know that somewhere out there, God is preparing a man to be my husband and on a spring evening like this, when the rain is pouring down - I really wish I had him to go on a walk with. I know that the Lord is working to have us both ready at the same time (because I can't say I'm ready for him yet, either...) and I'm fine with waiting - but it still didn't keep me from missing him this evening...whoever he may be.

And then a sweet whisper slowly seeped into that worried corner of my heart at about the same time the guilt tried to, but His Words made it there first...
"It's okay that you miss him and wish him here soon, I understand. Trust Me - I want that for You more than anything...
...but for now, and until then,
won't you take a walk with Me in the rain?"

I know this might sound utterly pathetic, but I feel like that walk with Him this evening was a picture of Him walking me through life. Cherishing those last years, days, and moments before He hands the responsibility and care of His daughter over to someone who's worthy enough and brave enough to take her hand.

...and until that time - it's His time.

The thing about the rain, is that I don't necessarily like it all that much. But what it all comes down to, is that it isn't about the rain as much as it is about Who I'm walking through it with - and not only that, but also the new growth that will spring up because of it.

He told me two years ago in a dream that there would be so many people in my life who would say that they love me and then leave...

...but He didn't say that everyone would.

And even if everyone did, I know that without a shadow of a doubt that never in this life, would it ever be Him.

Security is basing one's confidence in that which cannot be taken away and that, my friends - is what makes walking in the rain not only worth it, but freaking beautiful.


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