Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Change in Direction

Evan: Heyyyy! What's up?!?!
Me: Oh, you know...just trying to register things.
Evan: oh dear! Isn't that really hard and confusing?
Me: yyyep.

Most of the time, I try really hard to make these blogs somewhat entertaining. You know: light-hearted and interesting to read. Funny that I care so much because I didn't get a single 'A' on any of my papers for English 202 or American Literature. It took everything in me not to drop those classes and "take them later". Yeah, you know what I mean. Wink, wink.

I feel as if my blog is in a bit of a conundrum.

I started it when I was 20 years-old with the intention of documenting everything preceding my move to Lynchburg: counting down the days, dealing with financial aid, getting my hair chopped off, packing up, moving in, etc.

The purpose of course changed once I got here: I wasn't anticipating it anymore, I was living it. I kinda quit writing as much when I finally got here: most in part because I'm in college and there are a million other things to do like homework (ahem...cough, cough). Before I knew it I was moving off campus and into my own apartment, taking summer classes, serving at Brentwood, dating someone, changing my major, working at the bookstore, not working at the bookstore, not dating someone, not doing homework but instead choosing to write yet again, another pointless post.

Things just, change.

I mean, I even blog about domestics from time to time. Things definitely change. I just wish my posts weren't all so sporadic. I want some sort of direction, but alas, life is sporadic: constantly getting stirred up and shaken around. 'Registering things' is really just a matter of refocusing. My blog is really just about being here in Lynchburg and that can obviously mean a ton of different things at any given moment of time; thus, the need to take a breath and 'register things'.


Now that I'm back to being a religion major and back to being single, my blog will yet again, start sounding different. There are new people to introduce you to and new experiences to share. I'll try my darndest to make it all sound as cohesive, as purposeful and as interesting as possible. Not that you probably care either way, but as with everything we do or take on: I'd like it to matter.

I'm here ultimately because Christ led me here. Even though life here continues to keep changing, that much hasn't changed. I know that wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, and whoever I'm becoming, Christ is there.

So: we're going to continue on into a new semester then. I really hope I get a job, all A's, and a puppy.

...Talk about sporadic.


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