Friday, September 24, 2010

Lipstick and Leading Worship

For a lot going on, there's not really a lot going on.
It's all pretty typical, really.

Oh, except for the fact that I wear lipstick now - and yesterday, get this: I even wore eyeshadow.
I know.

If I keep this up, soon enough I'll be racin' around Lynchburg in a pink Cadillac sporting who knows what else on my face. Shimmer? Blush? God forbid shimmery blush.

A slippery slope, that make-up.

I've gotta say though, it does make me feel a little older: a little more dignified and put together. Who knew lipstick could do such a thing? I'll tell ya who - Mary Kay Ash: and look where it got her. Genius, genius woman.


So I've been leading worship for Dr. Rose's Evangelism class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's made up of 500+ freshmen girls. Fun, right?

Yesterday we sang 'You'll Come' and then went into a few choruses of 'What a Savior'. It was a beautiful 4 minutes. Simply beautiful. The girls were so encouraging before and after I got up to lead worship and a handful came up one by one to let me know how much they appreciated me leading. I've gotta tell you: that really meant a lot to me, so thank you girls.

I think it encouraged me for a couple reasons:

1. Everyone except for those on the front row have no idea what I actually sound like, so when they're thanking me for leading worship, that's exactly what they're thanking me for. They're not saying "thanks for having such a pretty voice". There's no sound system in the classroom besides one microphone, and I've found it to be best used by being held up to the guitar. The most important thing is that they can all hear the music, because without the microphone up to the guitar, I can be playing as loud as possible and the girls on the left and right, middle and back, still can't hear. Not leading vocally makes it semi-difficult if the girls aren't familiar with the melody of the song, but I always encourage the girls who are familiar to sing it out loud so the rest of the class can follow along with them. So far, they've been familiar with the songs (B. Sharp was kind enough to hook me up with Campus Bands' repertoire so I know which songs are being led on campus), and the entire class has become the voice. My voice on the other hand, is usually gone afterwards because I'm literally yelling direction and encouragement in between verses and transitions, but it's so. much. fun.

2. Leading worship isn't really "my thing" - meaning, it doesn't come naturally. Aside from teaching God's Word, it intimidates me more than anything. Sure, I can sing - but singing doesn't equate leading worship. This has been such an interesting learning process in leading: because of the circumstances, I don't necessarily have to sing word for word, therefore, my focus has been more on the actual leading. God is always so brilliant in how He chooses to teach us and grow us. I love it...

...and He's always right on time.

I walked into band practice last evening, swatting off stink bugs as I opened the door, said my usual hellos, and made my way up to the right side of the stage as usual. I sat down my guitar case, got Taylor out, and went to set her on my guitar stand, except there was already a guitar on it: Nic's guitar. I looked at it kind of funny for a second or two, and then headed to the left side of the stage, where I automatically assumed I would be...but there stood Ben, with his amp and guitar.

"Wait. Does that...mean...?"

Yes, it does.
I look to my immediate right, one squinty eye, face all scrunched up, and there stood my empty guitar stand. In the middle of the stage.

I don't know why Nic refuses to tell me these things beforehand.


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