Saturday, October 24, 2009


Not too much excitement going on today.
I woke up around 11:30, but laid in bed until I smelt waffles.

Apparently, that’s what it takes.

I played guitar for a couple hours – nothing too intentional. Just re-visited the very few songs I’ve learned to play this past year.

I did, however, seem to impress myself in the slightest (if I can say that and not sound too overtly pompous). I mean, the reality of it is, I am no guitar maestro whatsoever; therefore, it’s fairly easy for me to impress myself over the simplest things.

Today’s achievement:
I found three songs that flow right into the other pretty effortlessly.

It's alright. "Ooo"'s and "ahhh"'s are not mandatory.

Hypothetically speaking, if I did somehow get to play out in public sometime soon, I would open up with these three songs. They’re just three out of only a handful of songs I know and they just so happened to flow together relatively nicely, making me look like I have somewhat of a clue as to what I’m doing.
Drum roll, please...

  • No Not One – Christy Nockels
  • Deciphering Me – Brooke Fraser
  • Lifeline – Brooke Fraser

I know, right? Impression factor went way out of the roof - although somehow, I doubt that Kanye would agree.

On the Lynchburg home front, a good friend of mine was kind enough to tell me all about the sweet local spots around town. Apparently Osaka is going to change my life, as is the dollar theatre, the indoor rock climbing gymDrowsy Poet Café, White Hart, and other various restaurants and coffee shops around. This makes me all the more excited to call Lynchburg home for a time.
I'm stoked to see what the Lord has in store there.

A new set of classes start up on Monday:
Theology 202 and English 102.

While I was able to pull out of my psychology class with a C this past eight weeks, I somehow get the feeling that my English class is not going to be as generous.

81 days and counting,

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