Saturday, October 31, 2009


The Lord gave me a few sweet surprises today at work, which as He knows - was desperately needed.

The first surprise went by the names of Annie Lawrence and her parents Quigg and Annette, who were passing through town towards Annapolis, Maryland and decided to stop in and say hello. I desperately lamented after they left.

The second surprise was Lauren and Kate who came in to eat for lunch. I also lamented after they left.

The third surprise was table nine: two Germans from Southern Germany (near Heidelberg). I talked their ears off and then I majorly lamented because I missed Germany so much.

After all of that lamenting, came the fourth and final surprise of the day.

Every now and then, believers will slip little evangelism papers into the check holders (this was the second one I've gotten this week). Whenever this happens, my face always lights up and I literally skip over to the table and ask enthusiastically, "You all are CHRISTIANS?!" and it's game over for the rest of my tables for the next five minutes or so.

I love when this happens.

For one, I get to meet some amazing Christians and feel somewhat normal for a change and two, I get to hold on to the paper for the rest of my shift and read it whenever possible. Yes, I already know what it says, but I love being able to escape into His rest for a few moments. I know He does this just for me - to remind me of His love - and it never gets old.

I pray it never will.

So aside from all of the lamenting, work was good today - it was just super long. I just got home and am now laying in bed. My feet are still throbbing, but I just spotted my ticket for CFAW laying on my desk...

...and suddenly my feet aren't throbbing anymore -
                                                                           (my heart is).

73 days and counting,

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