Thursday, October 29, 2009


Seventy-five days, and I'll be moving into my apartment-style dorm room, meeting the five girls I'll be living with for the semester, and I'll have everything paid for (theoretically speaking) and all of my classes set in stone.

I reiterate this because today has been a bearer of bad news and I already feel myself starting to go into freak-out mode.

Financial Check-in opened up at the beginning of October and registration started on the 23rd.
I, however, have had a little trouble trying to get everything squared away before doing financial check-in.
My scholarships have made their way onto my account, minus one or two (which together are equaling about $1000) and I was hoping that they would be enough to pay my remaining balance so I wouldn't have to apply for another loan, but sadly, it wasn't enough. I still have about another $2,600 to come up with before I can complete financial check-in and register for classes.

See? I told you. As jaw-dropping as Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize. And we haven't even gotten to Miley Cyrus yet - that's only about a quarter of what the entire semester costs.

My husband is going to think twice about marrying me for sure - What's that saying? What's mine is yours?
(a.k.a: "My debt is your debt")?

I felt bad for him, so I tried doing him a favor:
before I resulted to looking up more student loans on the web, I tried deciphering my student accounts page just in case.

What I found out was that for spring semester, I was only getting about $1,500 out of the $6,500 I already have in the Stafford Loans for the year '09-10.
I called Liberty up (sadly, John didn't answer this time), asked some questions, and found out that since I've been doing Liberty Online, the total was split up three different ways since most online students take classes throughout the summer (which was true in my case). For residential students, however, they only tend to split it up two ways for fall and spring semester. This answers why I was getting so little from my Stafford for the spring semester.

I did some math (yeah, I know - hard to believe) and figured out that if I got the rest of my Stafford loans released to spring semester that I'd be able to pay the total in full except for a measley $260, of which, I will hopefully be able to afford out of my own pocket. The bad news however, is that I had to fill out a loan request form to do that and fax it to Liberty. It's now going to take another 1-2 weeks for the loans to be released.

So now that you have a headache from trying to follow all of that (I most certainly do), I will now delight you with some pictures I found on my camera about an hour ago.

And that, my friends - is what true friendship is all about.

75 days and counting,

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