Saturday, December 5, 2009


The power is out in our house today and I’m running on 72% battery power. The house is quiet, pitch black and freezing, but I pulled out some of my old scrapbooking supplies, lit some candles and have been busy making home-made Christmas cards. One must do what one must do with no income (and no electricity).

I felt somewhat domesticated, but I also woke up this morning to cinnamon buns and Mom stuffing a turkey (which is now sitting outside in the snow because there’s no way to cook it), and the reality of where I am on this voyage to womanhood struck me. Simply put, I’m a freakin’ amateur.

How the heck do you know how to stuff a turkey off the top of your head? And put Christmas decorations up at the same time?

It's the first snow of the winter, and there’s about 5 inches of it on the ground and it’s still going strong. The concert last night was AMAZING, and my heart desires the Lord and His wisdom now more than ever. All I could think of last night at the concert was, "God, I need to be doing something like this for You, but it's so totally beyond me."

Because let's face it: I'm no Bethany Dillon...
                                             ...or Proverbs 31 Woman for that matter.

Seeing Bethany and Shane last night also clarified all the more how badly I would like a husband who I can help lead worship with, because really - how much more fun could it get than that?

Maybe for Christmas, but I've got a feeling I'm going to have to learn how to stuff a turkey first, and well....that could take a while.

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