Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I haven't been to New Market since I left for Lynchburg on Friday and have since stayed here in Harrisonburg with Lauren and Byrd while Sarah's been in Warrenton. I've been interchangebly wearing the same two pairs of pants and two shirts for the past four days, and I'm thinking tomorrow might be the day I wander back up to my nothing town, take a shower and put on a new change of clothes.

It's so hard to believe that in twenty-eight days I'll be laying my head down at night in a new town, in a new bedroom, with a new group of girls to call housemates. It'll be strange to say the least, because this is all I've ever known since I stepped into new life: Aletheia Church, the Ministry House, the band, the Galati kids...

Once you accept Christ it's like you see everything again for the first time--which is most likely the reason why I can remember everything that has happened in the past year in intricate details. I can remember dates and times and I'd be able to tell you what clothing was worn and what song was playing in the background, what we ate, what was said, where we were heading, what I was thinking...

It's your first time for everything again and with it comes new meaning and new understanding. You actually see Christ in Christmas and the empty tomb in Easter---you see Him in friendships and in relationships---you see your job as a ministry opportunity instead of merely a way to make some income---you view marriage as a way to make you holy and not just happy, and you view having children as not only a blessing to you, but as a blessing to God -- with the burning hope and desire that they would be able to do more for His kingdom than you ever could.

Everything-- everything is different when Christ is in your life.

It was the first year for me--the first year of an eternity spent in communion with God. Every place, person, and thing will forever hold a special place in my heart and will never, never be forgotten.

I just love you all so much, gosh darnit.

Thank you for an amazing year...

...there's no one else I would have rather shared it with.


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