Monday, December 14, 2009


It's actually a really nice December day here in Harrisonburg and I've glady enjoyed it from the indoors so far. Byrd threw me over her shoulder about an hour ago in an attempt to get me to go on a walk with her but I hadn't had my coffee yet and without my coffee, I am useless (even my legs fail to be of use apparently).

Last night we sat on the couch and brainstormed 29 things I could do with the 29 days I have left of unemployment and aside from that being an absolutely hilarious way to spend an hour of your life, i.e:

Byrd: "You need some Ginkgo Biloba"
Me: "What the heck is 'genkamolobo?'"

...this is what we were able to come up with. If you have any other ideas, leave a comment and let me know. I am desperate for some entertainment.

1) Draw a picture
2) Paint a 'byrd' house
3) Meet someone on a bus and take a picture
4) Treat someone to a random act of kindness
5) Make homemade dog treats
6) Take Asher to the groomer and have Lauren pay for it
7) Make homemade playdough
8) Throw a Rosie O'Donnell Party
9) Stuff a Turkey
10) Go hunting
11) Dig a hole
12) Put on a puppet show
13) Make a pillow case
14) Make a video of my day
15) Try to make as many different kinds of hot chocolate as possible
16) Make a gingerbread house
17) Handwrite letters and mail them to people
18) Cook Weiner Schnitzel
19) Give a tour of New Market
20) Memorize a Psalm
21) Read both Twilight and New Moon
22) Cross stitch a picture
23) Put together a Science Project
24) Punk someone
25) Make butter
26) Can something
27) Make popsicles
28) Research another religion
29) Buy black socks

I'm off to knock some of these off the list,
check back to see if I actually do.

1 comment:

  1. I love these Chels! : )
    #2 - how cleaver.
    #6 - brilliant.
    #8 - hahaha.
    #13 - you can finish mine I started years ago and then, surprise surprise, I got distracted...
    #16 - so much fun!
    #21 - really, chels? really? ; ) jk.
    #29 - for Byrd. :D

    Haha. keep us posted on how this goes!