Sunday, December 13, 2009



Went to Lynchburg to go visit Jay and Jenn.
Ate at Waterstone.
Watched a movie.
Went to Liberty's Christmas Coffeehouse at 11:30pm.
Someone played August's Rhapsody and I was thrilled.
It didn't end until 1:40am.
Almost froze mid walking stance on the way back to my car.
Got back to the apartment and fell asleep.


Bought a Columbia fleece jacket for way cheaper than I even realized.
Ate lunch.
Drove back to Harrisonburg.
Helped watch some kids at Aletheia.
Made one cry.
Turns out it was Byrd's fault the kid got in trouble.
Laughed about it.
Went to the Ministry House.
Cameron came over and fixed us dinner.
It was amazing.
Watched a movie.
Screamed once...
...okay, maybe twice.
Got ready for bed.
Thanked God for the chance to make some new memories.
Felt torn.

     I was in Lynchburg this morning, not wanting anything more than for it to be January 13th, and then by five o'clock I'm in Harrisonburg, wishing January 13th would just hold out for a bit longer...

I'm somewhere inbetween.

Liberty isn't here yet, but most of my friends in Harrisonburg are either already gone for winter break or will be leaving soon - so with the exception of a few, my life in Harrisonburg has pretty much already come to a close.

So I guess, this is goodbye?

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