Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ya'll are going to be hearing from me a lot for the next twenty-six days, I feel like. I apologize in advance.

You'd be happy to know that today was a little different than yesterday!

It was wayyyyyy more boring.

There is a big "however" however, and it is this:
I made buffalo chicken wraps for lunch and salmon cakes for dinner.

Call off the hordes, the gal can cook!

Being unemployed and unenrolled is awful, but it sure has it's perks. I'm sure my husband will appreciate it someday. I've learned to be way savvier with money (a.k.a 'frugal') but only because I have no other choice but to be, and I've been so up to my elbows in domestication you might as well start calling me Donna Reed.


So we won't go that far.

I always get a cravin' to watch Sound of Music and Anne of Green Gables around this time of year. My cousin and I sit around and watch them together every Christmas. Only thing is that every single one of those movies I have on VHS, and I discovered today that we no longer have a VHS player. Drats.

Well, if that doesn't put a damper on things...

So since Sound of Music was on my mind, I found that while I was walking around the house today I kept spotting my favorite things. They're always close by. Imagine that.

Here, I'll share them with you!

My Starbucks Travel Mug.

Two friends from Norfolk gave this to me just to be awesome. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside whenever I see that it's in the cupboard ready to use. However, when it's dirty in either the dishwasher or sink it's a completely different story.

My Starbucks Cup.

It's double-walled, doesn't sweat and you can use it for either hot or cold drinks. I use it constantly. Byrd got this for me as a surprise one time when we stopped in at a Starbucks on our way home from the beach. It was in my cupholder when I got in the car. The girl's got game.

The Liberty Sweatshirt / Pink Victoria's Secret Sweats Combo.

Lord, have mercy on my lounging.

My TOMs.
Enough said.

My New Columbia Water-Repellent Fleece.

Punches North Face in the face any day.



The Keurig.

It's quick, easy, and perfect every time.

Merona Scarves from Target.

They're super, super soft.

My Brown Beanie from Wal-Mart.

Four dollars and I'm just happy.

My Book-Bag from NAMB.

Because it was free, and since I have it,
it's one less thing I have to worry about getting
before I go to school.

My Black Skinny Jeans.

Pay no mind to the mess. It was intentional.
For the sake of the shot, ya know? Trying to be all artsy and what not....

My Burberry London Perfume.

Mostly because it smells good.

My MacArthur Study Bible.
Because, "Jesus is word."

So we can pretty much sum up my favorite things into four different categories: Clothes & Accesories, Coffee, Guitar, and God.

And there ya have it folks.
Turns out I'm not as complicated as we all thought.

I hope ya'll are having an awesome Christmas break.
Shoot me a comment on here or on facebook and say Hi or something. Oh, here's an idea: tell me what YOUR favorite things are! It'll take up some of my time - and some of yours too, so uh - in that case nevermind. Just keep doing your thing...but if you want to...that's cool too, cause I'd really love to know.

Okay bye.


P.S. Please don't judge me for my room. I've turned over a new leaf - I swear. "Donna Reed," remember?

"...and then at the end of the letter I like to write 'P.S. - this is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R got rebellious'" - Mitch Hedberg

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