Monday, November 9, 2009


Hi! Welcome to Chili's. My name is Chelsea and I'm going to be your server today.

While you guys are looking around the menu a bit, I'd like to take out the time to point out a few of my favorite items.

First off, I'd like to mention our Presidente Margarita to you. It's our signature drink here at Chili's - and the reason it's signature is because it's actually made with Conmerativo Brandy which gives it a much richer and smoother taste than just your average Margarita - not to mention that it's shaken all the way to your table making
 YOU the center of attention!

As far as appetizers go, I'd regret it if I never got to tell you about the Kickin' Jack Nachos. You can order either a full order or a half order, but keep in mind that once they're on the table, they go quickly! A fried corn tortilla is layered with mashed black beans, our warm queso, mixed cheeses, topped off with jalapenos, and then showered with our very own margarita spice.

Entree specifically, I'd go for the Burger Bites. These little bite-sized wonders are served on mini, toasted, buttered up, buns. These handpacked burgers are given a good dose of our smoky applewood bacon bits, cool ranch dressing, cheese, and sauteed onions and on the side is our less than average jalapeno ranch for dipping. The burgers are also served with a good helping of our homestyle fries and onion blossom strings, so there's no need to worry about going hungry.

And the moment we've all been waiting for: dessert. The paradise pie is one of the most underrated items I feel that we have. The molten cakes get a lot of hype, but this is where it's at. It's a warm blondie brownie packed with chocolate chips, walnuts, coconut and then topped with vanilla icecream, fudge and caramel. You've never experienced Paradise quite like this before.

Let's just say I'm super stoked that there's only 64 days left to go, because that means there's about 40-50 days left to go before I get to leave Chili's and frankly, I don't know how much more I can take of this corporate hoop-la (confession: I really wanted to say crap right there).

The above was written on here because I actually left my computer charger in Lynchburg at the dorm we were staying in for CFAW. My computer is now dead, so my Mom's handed-down Acer will have to do the trick until I can get back down to L'burg. The Acer doesn't have Word on it, and even if it did there is no way I'd be able to print it off. I could have hand written it, but that would have taken forever and disrupted the flow of my creative, adjective packed (hardly), genius of a two minute long menu-tour (because everyone wants to hear their server ramble on for two whole minutes).

I now have to go copy it down by hand, memorize it, and present it to a manager today before I"m allowed to work. It was due Wednesday, but my rebellious streak kicked in and wouldn't allow me to do it. But then Chris, our store manager called, said I had to have it done or I wouldn't be able to work. My rebellious streak has been put in it's place to say the least, but I am still going to loathe every second of this. You probably will too.

Coming soon to a Chili's near you,

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