Friday, November 6, 2009


Day One

Last night, Annie and I arrived around 7:30 or so, checked-in, signed up for ministry team auditions (8:10 and 8:20 respectively) and then went to Olive Garden for dinner.

After dinner we headed out to our dorm (Campus East) and met up with our RA Laura, signed some stuff, chilled out online for a bit, and then went to room 303 for a hall meeting at 11.

We went over the Liberty Way some and Laura put some rumors about Liberty to rest and confirmed others. Guys and girls do not have separate sidewalks and yes, the only appropriate form of physical intimacy is hand holding and three second hugs.

Speaking of the opposite sex, there is a lot of mention of them. Dating and “meeting your potential spouse”  was specifically addressed at our meeting. Dating is strongly, STRONGLY encouraged – pretty much expected.

Annnd the blood pressure rises.

Once the other CFAWs heard that one of the Spiritual Life Directors on our hall had a boyfriend, they squealed in unison (they were all 18) and insisted to hear the story of how they met. So Linds told us the entire story of how she met her boyfriend future spouse, and it was pretty interesting to say the least.

Turns out, she had made a commitment to God to not date anyone for a year.
Well, first week of class there was this guy in her Communications class whom she loathed because apparently he was a know-it-all, over achiever, and apparently cocky as all get out (her words, not mine). After she gave her first speech, he talked to her for the first time, then moved to sit next to her, and then started throwing rocks at her dorm window - you know where this is going...

When he finally mentioned dating her, she on the other hand had to tell him no because of the commitment she had made with God. He, obviously, thought it was a bit silly, but honored her commitment and told her that he would wait an entire year just to date her.

In the meantime, they were only “allowed” to "go for coffee,” ("cause everyone does that") and talk via facebook and IM. She never even gave him her phone number until their “non-relationship” hit the ten month marker. She had to go days, sometimes weeks without talking to him at all so that she could refocus and keep her heart in check. He wasn't allowed to come visit her over the summer, but be rest assured that once the summer was over and the year was up, he made the drive to go visit her dad and ask if he could date her. They have officially been “dating” for three months now. Props to that guy.

And welcome to Liberty.

All this boy talk and I can’t lie and tell you that I haven’t thought about the possibility of meeting him here. It seems like it’s the first thing out of people’s mouths when they hear I’m going to Liberty. “You’re totally going to meet your husband there!”

Wait – so what’s that about an education?

It scares me, if anything else. More so than the thought of him never finding me, I’m more scared that he will find me. And if he does, then I might just pull a Lindsey or walk around with a garland of dead fish around my neck for a year -

    or something to that extent.

Poor guy.

Convocation is in t-minus 100hrs. Ministry team auditions are tonight at 8:10. I’ve had a sore throat since yesterday and it’s only getting worse. I also woke up this morning and noticed that the bracelet Jay and Jenn got me for my birthday wasn’t on my wrist anymore.

It’s apparent that Satan is desperately trying to deter me but God is strong in me today…

....probably because for the first time in a long time, I’m allowing Him to be.

67 days,


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